Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wedding Special: Fab Cas

My cousin's wedding is a week away and Haute Hank has been furiously crafting the wedding's fashion concept. His vision: The guests at the wedding should dress FAB CASUAL, AKA "Fab Cas."

Question: What IS FAB CAS?

One way we could go with this is to follow Diddy's example and wear $500 sneaks with 18K gold laces (thanks to JONAH for providing this fine link):Personally, I think the true masters of Fab Cas are Motley Crue. I am ALL ABOUT Motley Crue these days:
See? The ULTIMATE wedding theme is a MOTLEY CRUE-THEMED WEDDING!!!
Just think:
The bride can wear zebra pants!

The groom just needs to pick out leather pants!
Then he can go shirtless, smear himself with oil, and wear 6 or 7 studded belts strapped across his chest and arms!!!!!!!!I mean, if he wants to be romantic, he can wear lime-green cheetah boots to match the bride's pants:
Then again, maybe the bride AND groom should just wear gold dresses and call it a day...
This wedding is going to be AWESOME.


annie said...

And the bride's bouquet can be made out of cans of hair spray!

benilhalk said...

These are so nice! My sister is getting married soon and she loves such blingy things so I was just thinking to host surprise bling bridal shower for her. I would prefer booking her favorite indoor LA venue for this bash. Hope everything goes as planned.