Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kat Von D's Hand Bra

I haven't checked in with my long-standing crush, Kat Von D, lately: ...although I have been watching her get progressively crazier and more be-eyeshadowed as she tries to out-shaggy her shaggy man, Nikki Sixx.

Nikki is winning on the eyeshadow front:
Without calling me for advice, Kat decided to write a book and I think you should all buy six copies for me when it comes out in January:
There's a great scene in Kat's TV show, LA Ink, that my editress CHLOE pointed out to me. Nikki presents Kat with the forward he wrote for her book and Kat gets so excited that she almost rips Nikki's wigs off. "Baaaaaybeeeeeeee!" says Kat, "ILOVEIT, ILOVEIT!!!!!!!!"

I love you too, Kat, but I wear a lot more eyeshadow than you and Nikki put together. Even my CATS wear eyeshadow. My cats are also covered with tattoos. They're also vegan.

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Texas said...

Hey, Pippi, it's me, Anonymous. I've decided to come out of the Anonymous closet, largely because I did not realize until halfway through the first sentence that my gmail was still signed in. IRREGARDLESS, I feel like this: merits further discussion.