Saturday, May 9, 2009

Holy crap - these are just like the boots my mom has worn for 20 years:
I should get her a pair...

Actually, I should get everyone else in the family a pair. All of us walking down the street in matching boots would be pretty boss.

Best of all, it would get me one step closer to my goal of having my family be a spokes-family for
WARNING! Be careful if you go to because it is one of the most delightful websites of all time!!!

The motto is: "Where great families dress alike!"
Advice from the site:

"Why dress in family matching clothing?

Get into the family spirit! You can show your family unity to the world by dressing alike. It can be fun and practical to dress in matching clothing!"

GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND DRESS YOUR BABY AND SPOUSE IN MATCHING LOOKZZ!!!! has sections for matching parents and kids, couples, and EVEN DOLLS, DOGS, AND HUMANS!!!


Texas said...

Nice! Hey, listen, I don't want you to miss the sale on men's skirt suits over at Gilt Groupe, so here you go:

Texas said...

oh, one more: the Cap Sac. It's like a fanny pack...for your face.

Daniela said...

Hey I'm a friend of Kasia's in SF. YOU MUST WRITE ABOUT THIS JEWEL: