Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rose Picks Piperlime

Pippi Surprise!
I got a reader tip from ROSE who was my biology lab partner in HIGH SCHOOL! Now THIS is very nice. We made jokes while we were dissecting animals and now we have made another joke Lo, these many years later.

ROSE sent me her top Picks from the web site Piperlime, which sells shoes and things.

ROSE PICKS these fringy sandals:
And these cage shoes:

Rose explained that these are cages "for when your feet have been very very bad." I suppose if they poop where they're not supposed to, etc.

I would like to add my additional Pippi Piperlime Picks:

These clonkers:

And whatever this is:This goes to show that high school bio teaches students lots of useful skills, like picking fringed and clonky things, and keeping their limbs in line.

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annie said...

So I may or may not have accidentally flagged your blog as having objectionable content? Maybe I just unconsciously object to fringe and cages.