Monday, November 1, 2010

Pippi Picks Thigh Tattoos

This week, I want you to get a thigh tattoo.
COME oN! Do it!!!! It will be so fun!!!!!

The best thing about thigh tattoos is that people can only see them when you're not wearing pants, which I hope is all the time. A TATTOO FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T WEAR PANTS!!! THAT SHOULD BE PERFECT FOR YOU!!!!

Then you'll be part of a special no-pants crowd. Thigh tattoos are especially great for:

SWIMSUIT MODELS!! YESS!! They NEVER have to wear pants. In fact, they CAN'T wear pants. PANTS? NO CHANCE.
Just think: YOU'LL LOOK LIKE ANGELINA JOLIE!! She has a thigh tattoo and she looks GREAT.If you have a job where you need to not wear pants, your tattoo will be especially handy. Lady Gaga is the CEO of No Pants and she understands this. She ran right out the door to get a thigh tattoo:You could be the next Lady Gaga, bro!!!
Just take your pants off and get to WORK.

Here's the thigh tattoo that I'm going to get today:AM I TOO LATE??????????
Once a year, my thigh will know just what to say.

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annie said...

I think you found the topic of your next workshop...