Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shortspants, the Name of a British Horse?

A poem:

One side shorts
One side pants
Shortspants, shortspants
Shortspants dance.


Anonymous said...

this outfit is ever so chic. shortspants, and puff rope heels too! those puff ropes remind me of the head-tails of a twi-lek! which is always a good thing to be reminded of.

the tank disturbs me some, because with all the inexplicable style of the rest of the outfit, i cannot fathom what trick is up the proverbial sleeve of that apparently plain top!?

annie said...

If you wear two pairs of those pants/shorts at the same time it's like you're wearing one full pair of pants and one pair of extra long underwear. Assuming, of course, that you are not wearing any regular underwear.