Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Just for Men

In his last comment, my fine and bed-ridden reader, George, asked me to advise him on the following issue: What should men wear in the boudoir?
Here are two options:

Option #1: Wear a dress.
You can tell your guests that it's a "night shirt." You can also belt it and wear it to a dinner party with a jaunty cap. Feel the spring breeze on your liberated legs! Let your bum know the taste of freedom!
Option #2: Wear a Union Suit.
This will show off your great gams and give you a cozy allure. I think we all know, though, that the butt flap is the real prize pie here. Any item of clothing that lets you poop while dressed is an A+ stitch.
IN CONCLUSION: Get well soon, George! A magical world of masculine jammies awaits!
In honor of you (and the excessive jammie-centric Pippi Picks posting this past month), I name the month of May "American International Jammie Month for Both Bedroom and Home."

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