Monday, November 12, 2007


Oops! I am a forgetter!
My friend Greg sent me links to these photos a long time ago and I got very excited and then got distracted by things like cats and football and forgot to post them.

A clothes that is also a bed!

The artists who made it call it a "Sleeping Bag Dress" and say, "You wear it as a dress in the day and inflate it to make yourself a sleeping bag when night has come."
Good job, you little artists!
These are "Uniblow Outfits" that inflate when you walk.

This brought a tear to my eye because it reminds of my favorite artist ever, the magical Leigh Bowery (see below):Moo moo!


annie said...

Those outfits would only be improved by the addition of anti-gravity boots. You know, the ones with the springs on the bottom that don't actually get rid of gravity.

adam said...

Or like... what if instead of air, they were just filled with whipped cream? And that's where you got all of your sustenance from?