Monday, November 5, 2007

Your Head to Toe Look

Ok, honies. This weekend I've picked out a full Patricia Field outfit for you.

Start with these special pants:Then layer over them these plaid, suspendered bubble shorts:

You should carry around this clutch because it has pictures of boobs on it:All you need is a sequined fanny pack and some shades and you're ready to go!

Oops! How embarrassing - you almost left the house without your glittering grillz!!!!!Shame on you.


annie said...

I mean, that grill's pretty nice, but it's nothing compared to the pink and white one Kendra has on The Girls Next Door.

P.S. I'm dropping out of college to pursue my dream of being Hef's fourth girlfriend.

adam said...

Hef has only had three girlfriends?

adam said...

Oh... do you mean he has three girlfriends right NOW?

annie said...

Yeah...I'm going to be his fourth current girlfriend.