Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pippi Bares Her Personals!!!!!!!!

On Pippi Picks, I almost never post things that I actually own. This brings a cold, hard wall between us, readers!!!!!!!!! My soul is as mysterious as Coco's luscious ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cry at night because you want to be close to me BUT I PUSH YOU AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
The time has come for me to share my personals with you!!!!!!!!!!

This is a dress I own and wear!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can't tell from the photo but it is NEON yellow. You also can't tell in the photo that the dress I own was FREE, GIVEN TO ME BY THE GRACE OF THE LORD AND ALSO BY A GIFT THAT I RETURNED AT TERRIFYING BLOOMINGDALES!!!!!!

Ok, that was enough personal sharing for today, I'm exhausted.


annie said...

Assuming that this gift you returned to Bloomingdales was one given to you by a certain boss mom, I'm sure she'd be proud to see what came of it.

Adam said...

Do you also own that tattoo?

xiaowei said...

Dear Pippi,

I heart your picks. They are fantastical. Jonah said he hung out with you and you guys went to bloomingdales! I am jealous. Can we pick stuff out at Bloomingdales sometime? Because your taste is impeccable and I could use some picking guidance in my life.

Also, I heard that there are earrings that say "Legendary" at Bloomingdales. Please confirm yes/no.

Anonymous said...

Pippi- I wore that dress for a hair model show but they wouldn't let me keep it (sadface)- and I HAVE NOT been able to find it ANYWHERE. Any hints?