Monday, February 15, 2010

Boss Shoes and Pippi's Pet FEEVE

Boss:So boss!
For all you S&M boos out there, now you can beat the snow AND your Valentine in the same shoes!PS:
I have been watching the Olympics and the announcers are doing my PET FEEVE! A Pet Feeve is the opposite of a Pet Peeve: It is a things that is a Pet Favorite.
My Pet Feeve is when people measure things using "Football Fields" instead of miles or feet. FANTASTIC! A true FEEVE of mine!
"Each year, Americans eat 100 billion hot dogs - that's 1,000 football fields of hot dogs!"
and at the Olympics:
"This course is nearly two football fields of treacherous ice!"
"This likable Norwegian has the kind of stroke on the course I'd run five football fields to see."
"When I won this event in '52, I celebrated by titty-fucking 1,000 women - that's enough boobs to fill nearly six football fields!"


Rose said...

I am 5 football fields sad that it isn't your reunion year. Wahh Pippi!

alice said...

I'll now make a conscious effort to simultaneously use "football field" measurements and "titty fuck" in as many statements as I can.