Saturday, December 6, 2014

PippiPicks Post-Protest

This has been both a good and bad week. The country is rising up to push back against the pattern of systemic racism represented by the Eric Garner decision and the HORRIFIC LOSS of thousands of people of color throughout history who have experienced police violence and then the FURTHER VIOLENCE of the political and legal system.

This IS a movement, not a moment, and let's be clear that people have been fighting back about every part of this for GENERATIONS. And let's be clear that protesting is not an evening event, it's lifelong, intergenerational work that we're going to need our kids to follow up on and that we needed activists before us to work on.

So if we're going to continue to struggle for life, we're going to need to also plan in some recovery strategies. That's part of what pippipicks was born from, right? Did you know about that part? Where'd you think that insomnia was from? Worrying about Dawson's Creek? I have never seen that show! I have not even seen one episode of that show! I was getting too cooked in my struggle and needed some antidotes.

So re:antidotes, let me advise you on the PippiPicks Post-Protest Pose Outfit:

First, WEAR A HAT TO THE PROTEST OR I'M GOING TO WORRY ABOUT YOU! Do you know how many hundreds of people in NYC I have been worrying about because they are really cold? There is enough to worry about with people being murdered by cops, the least you can do is wear a damn hat and eat a snack out there!! Etc We need to worry about other things.
Just don't wear this hat because it's $330 which doesn't make sense. That to me is like when sunglasses are more than $7. Things meant to be left on the subway shouldn't cost more than a metrocard. Also, I'm going to sit on your sunglasses.

When you get home from the protest and you are very sad/filled with rage and horror/afraid for your life or the life of other human beings, you're going to need to get some good vibes going so you can go the fuck to sleep and go do more work. 

You must create a golden zone of peace before bedtime!! And the first step is to put on your gold hat:

And your gold pants:

And your golden paperclip:

And then put on this shirt that has a picture of a football player and says "namaste" because I don't understand what's happening in this image:
And then chant the sound of om.
And then get back out there, c'mon!
Only like 6,000,000 more layers of systemic oppression to go and we will have really fixed this thing. 

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