Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pippi Picks Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company is BRILLIANT. Know why? Because they really know how to soothe me.
I mean, some days I find myself saying, "NOTHING WILL CALM ME BUT A GROSS OF JELLY BRACELETS!!!!!!"
A GROSS! Were you aware that you can get 144 jellies for $5?

Not only that, you and I can finally live out our dream OF COVERING OUR ARMS AND LEGS WITH SLAP BRACELETS.
Holy something!
Bring me my whiskey and snuff! Thatsa deal!


kate said...

hey now... aren't slap bracelets illegal?

Amiel said...

I've been wearing nothing but jelly bracelets for the past month, and my friends are beginning to complain; FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PIPPI, I NEED MORE ADVICE.