Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pippi Picks Shades for You and Hamwich

It's slexy summer time and to celebrate I want you to wear sunglasses every day. OF YOUR LIFE.
To make it easier, these come in a range of tantalizing colors including "Clear."

Of course, whenever I buy sunglasses I break them within 10 minutes. That's why I never buy sunglasses that cost more than $10. That way, I pay around a dollar a minute for my shades. That seems like a fair price.

Most of the sunglonks on are under $20. That means that for the price of a very overpriced taco you can:
Wear sunglasses with a built-in striped unibrow:
Wear sunglasses with a distracting rhinestone strip on the lens:Protect your eyes! Every day FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. EVEN WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING. EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN A DARK CLOSET WITH A SPECIAL FRIEND, HAMWICH. MAKE HAMWICH WEAR SHADES, TOO.

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anna said...

I don't know if you knew this, but the sidebar of your blog has something called "Buzzfeed," which is currently featuring a link to information about "lesbian street gangs."