Sunday, June 10, 2007

Show Your Gams

It's really June now and it's about to be that time of year when I start strategizing about how little I can wear and still be considered dressed. Having to wear clothes in the summer is cruel and unusual.
Luckily, it is totally legit to wear a dress. Dresses are like being fake-dressed: You can wave your sweaty pits around, air out your rack, and flash your fine, fine gams.

I think this dress is a good example of what I'm talking about:
Look how high up on her thighs it is! Would you say she was not dressed, though? No. You would say she was wearing a dress. Then you would say, "Is that her real hair or a wig?" Then you would start to feel annoyed that you were wearing pants in 90-degree weather while she got to wave her gams around.

Meanwhile: This dress is
A. Purdy
B. A bra with extra cloth. Perfect!
This last dress is upsetting me:
I am weirdly drawn to it but it is so... ugly. Also, it has an upsetting neck brace thing. No matter, though.
That's what summer's all about, right? Gams, Rack, and Ugly.
Ooh. That's what my band is going to called.

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