Friday, February 2, 2007

How Does Maria Solve Problems?

Are you a first grade teacher? You are? Good.
I have some special advice just for you.
Draw on the wisdom of the great Drooly Andrews and her star turn as "Maria" in The Sound of Music: Bring joy to the Von Trapp home!
Next Monday, run in to your classroom with a wild-eyed look and shout, "Children! The drapes! We'll make play clothes out of drapes!!"
Then you can make yourself this dress:
Put on the dress and start yelling, "Doe! A deer! A female deer!" as you run through the playground and fling flowers into the air. This will surely inspire the children to be FREE!, outsmart any lurking Nazis by hiding with nuns, and overcome the rigors of school by remembering the joy of whiskers and mittens.


annie said...

funny(ish) story: so i was reading this entry and scrolling down to see the entire curtain dress, but for some reason my internet flipped out and wasn't scrolling down, but i still thought i was scrolling down, so i thought the dress was just a gazillion feet long. my thoughts during this process: "who the hell needs curtains that are a gazillion feet long?!?"

rosa said...

yo dog - don't knock the gazillion feet long curtains. at ikea, they sell extra long curtains saying that you can cut them to the length that you need... good in theory, but if you are lazy like me, they just stay a gazillion feet long... its like having a curtain that turns into a rug when they hit the floor - irresistable! julie andrews would love them...

Jenny said...

First Grade Teacher says...if my arms weren't so flabby and it wasn't so cold I'd try the drape dress. I could wear anything and the lil ones would think it was beautiful!!! To be young!!! There is not FUGLY in 1st grade... that's why I love it!! Get up and GO!!!!

Pippi said...

Go Jenny! Teach on!