Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Loyal Friends

Dear loyal, loyal readers,
Despite your loyal readership and courageous hearts, these past days I have left you to flail and dress yourselves without any special guidance and Picks. I assume that without my wise words you have been wandering around naked and confused.
You see, PippiPicks was started to help me cure my fabulous insomnia. When I sleep like a sack of onions, there are no Picks! More sleeps, less blogz! To make it up to you, I am offering you this photo of long socks with built-in knee pads. Kickin'!
Meanwhile, if you are cracked about bargains you can go look at the weird stuff at Creatures of Comfort. They are having a sale. They sell lots of stuff by "indie designers" that waver between looking totally amazing and like they were sewn by wolves who kept accidentally ripping things with their claws. I am a big fan but everything costs too many clams for this mermaid.
This is a "knit" in the "glitzy grandma" knitting tradition. $25 down from $200! Now you can take a bath in cash! Now you can buy your honey a chocolate diamond and a gold dress!
If you want to make a sly comment about current events, wear these high-waisted pants:
You will cleverly look like you are wearing a diaper, just like that zany astronaut.
Happy Valentine's Day! I love you, too. Now buy me a diamond!


Christopher said...

Pippi, you sure know how to pick 'em. There are millions of diamonds in every snowfall!!

michele. said...

it has been too long. i need more pippi picks! i am a mess without the juicy little tidbits.