Sunday, February 25, 2007


Dear lord. What is going on with this sweater?
When you wear this sweater you should wear a gold lame bikini under it (please note: I actually own this very bikini and look like a golden ANGEL in it. an American ANGEL. with golden WINGS. and golden T & A)
Then you should get drunk and make chocolate fondue and smear the chocolate all over your face and the white sweater. Wouldn't that be fun?
Then you should realize that you are standing with a fondue pot in a Michael Kors store and that all the salesladies are piiiiissed.
Sales Lady: Do you realize how much that sweater cost?
You: Drizzzzzzzzzed, bitch!!
SL: $1,448 marked down from $2,895.
You: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
SL: I will let you have it for free if you let me have some of your fondue.
You: Deal.
SL: Mmmm!
You: Don't I look like a golden angel in this bikini?
SL: Mmmm.

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