Monday, October 29, 2007

Finally, the Leather Jacket of My Dreams

The Anica Boutique website has lots of fancy and stylish things but I have picked my two favorites just 4 U.

Puh-lease wear this royal blue accordion dress all week long: Then if you run into someone lame who you used to go to school with you can just put your finger over their mouth and say, "Shhhhhhhh. Don't speak. I am hiding." Then flip up the collar and stand very still.

Here's my second project for you:
1. Buy a leather jacket.
2. Take it to a tailor.
3. Say this:
YOU: Hi, I need some alterations made.
TAILOR: Two tomato basil!
YOU: Mmmm. Pizza...
TAILOR: Pepperoni??
YOU: Ok, ok. I need you cut the sleeves off the jacket.
YOU: Actually, cut off the neck, too.
TAILOR: Moo moo.
YOU: Hmm... You know what - can you cut off the bottom of the jacket, too?
TAILOR: With ease! That will be $37.50
YOU: And can you cut a triangle out of the back, too?
TAILOR: That will be $91.50.
YOU: A small price to pay for the jacket of my dreams:

1 comment:

annie said...

Add an accordion collar to that leather thingamajig and I am so there.