Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pregnant Sluts Part 2

I've heard through the grapevine that my sister's talented and pregnant friend, Lissette, read the last post and has become a Pippi Picks Pregnant Pal.

Lissette, I am worried that you will not have enough strange and skanky gear to wear while you are preggers so I have picked out some special outfits for you.

First off, if you have to go to any birthday parties, I know exactly what you should wear:
Then you can be all like, "Honey, look what I got you for your birthday! A BABY. YES, I AM GIVING YOU A BABY and I have wrapped it in this bow." It's the gift that keeps on giving.

I also am a big believer that pregnant peeps can do whatever they want. Given that, if you go to a wedding I think that you should wear a wedding dress, too, just for fun.
Actually, you should really just go all the way and dress to impress the whole nine months.
Rock a gold lame sack!
Wear a blue...thing:
I mean, I suppose you could wear something kind of swanky :But why do that when you could romp around in a fringed handkerchief shirt?

Meanwhile, to be a TRUE pregnant slut, you need some strange maternity unders. This is what I think you should wear to the hospital when you go into labor:
Once the baby comes, you have to get a skanky nursing bra to intimidate the other moms:
Meanwhile, the picture below is freaking me out:Pippi's Fashion Rules for Pregnant Times:
1. Intimidate the other moms
2. Cut holes in your shirts so you can flash your tum
3. Wear a metallic lace body suit to the hospital to ensure that your doctor knows that you mean business.

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Lissette said...

Its me lissette!!! Thank you for the new fashion tips!! and yes, Pregnant Sluts Rule!!!! lol.