Wednesday, February 20, 2008

#1 Boots, #1 Hatz

Ok - tomorrow I want you to wear these most perfect boots:
Aha! Perfect! The fringe! Yes! More fringe!

Ah, yes. Regular readers are starting to catch on that I am trying to assemble an entire wardrobe IN WHICH EVERY ITEM IS COVERED IN LUSCIOUS FRINGE.
Now that you've figured this out, what are you going to do now, smart one? Eat a potpie?

No! Put on this be-fringed hat! Yes!
I know that some people do weird things like matching their shoes to their purses, etc. You should match your fringed boots to your fringed hat: I like to match my headband to my douche bag.

1 comment:

annie said...

Well, since the fringe on the boots is a different color from the fringe on the hats, it's just matchy rather than matchy matchy which is AOK by me.