Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pippi Learn About Her Inner Essence

I have my own shoe! This is just like how people named "Mary Jane" have gotten to gloat and gloat because they have shoes AND weed named after them.

Loeffler Randall makes a shoe called the "Pippi Twist Front Flat!"
Look! This is a picture of my essence!
Even though I am honored, I also feel confused. Is "Pippi" the style of the shoe or the type of "twist?" What does this say about my personality and true heart-spirit?

Is this twist the "Real" Pippi?
Answer: Yes! Yes it is!

In the 2008 "What is a Pippi?" Contest this twist shoe beat out the runners-up Wig Pippi and Ferret-Named-Pippi:Here's what I learned about Pippi the ferret:
" Pippi is the tiniest of our four fuzzbeans, but she's also the acrobat of the group. She's quite the remarkable little athlete, and she's taught the rest a couple of shortcuts to getting around various parts of our home."

Ah hah! Self-discovery! I have found my inner shoe, wig, and ferret!


annie said...

What's a fuzzbean?

Correct response: "I don't know, what's a fuzzbean with you?"

rosa said...

pippi, i feel like i finally know the real you!