Saturday, May 17, 2008

Graffiti Flats

Complain, complain! That's all I hear when I make a simple request!

"WAH, WAH, WAH! I'm too BUSY and TIRED to tag a train! I can't LEAVE WORK and go tag trains with you! Pippi, stop calling me at work! No, I'm serious - stop calling, WAH, WAH, WAH!"

Well, FINE. YOU can wear these cop-out graffiti flats instead.
The "STAR" written on the shoes is for Star Jones, former co-host of the View. I'm getting my own shoes that say "BABA WAWA" on them. No no - I want the "EWIZABETH HASSELBECK" shoes!
Actually, let's just get Whoopi Goldberg tattoos.

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