Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kat Von D Update

I feel that we haven't had an update for a while on our very own Pippi Picks Idol, Kat Von D.

Without even calling to talk to me about it, Kat designed her own makeup line for Sephora including this eyeshadow set and lipstick with colors like "Underage Red."
MEANWHILE, she is dating Motley Crue-man Nikki Sixx and they LUUUUUUUV each other:I mean, like, they tooooooooootally laaaaaaaaaaav each other.
I mean, that's cool, in a way. She may be in love with 2008 Nikki Sixx but I'M in love with '80s Nikki Sixx who looked like THIS: See, the '80s Nikki had maximum hair, maximum makeup, maximum heroin use, and maximum STDs. MUCH BETTER.

Kat is still my #1, though, and to show our love we should all wear these smokin' Kat Von D t-shirts. Ding ding!
Kat fancy!


Anonymous said...

I love it. But could we please talk about "Manties"?

annie said...

I saw a giant picture of Kat Von D in Sephora the other day and thought of you. Then I thought about the Motely Crue biography and how your boyf technically got paid to read it one summer.

georgie said...

where did that t shirt come from? it's my birthday soon and i really want it