Tuesday, May 20, 2008



This week, I want you to wear one of these silver sacks:
How come I don't have one of these already? No - how come YOU don't have one? And why aren't you wearing it???

Don't say, "I'm wearing something else," or "I am in the shower," or something like that.

Just shut your demented pie hole, put on these fringy heels, and get on the bus with all the other kids.
See? Now you are the color of money!
Some of the kinds of money.


annie said...

Pepsi, what should I wear to your surprise birthday bash? Oh, shit. I just ruined it.

jonah said...

pippi oh my god happy birthday i am mailing you a bar of pure gold

Adam said...

The shoes look like little Chers. Also, did that ratfink boyf of yours pass along my birthday message? If he didn't, dress up like a clown. It will freak him out.