Friday, July 4, 2008

Cultural Lessons From Gay Paris

I have returned to the Pippi Picks offices for a few days before disappearing again!

While I was in Gay Paris, I walked past a store called "Pimkie," which I assume is French for PIPPI.
I think it is a French-fried Wet Seal-type store that sells teen girl clothes. Just look at how happy French teens are!!!!!!!!
While strolling and drinking cafe creme and citron presse, I discovered that, INDEED, Frenchies smoke cigarettes, drink wine, eat fromage, etc. Here is what I noticed about the fashion of the French: They wear white pants! These pants are also clean!
This taught me my most important cultural lesson:
Unlike people of other nations, the French do not sit in poop, rub sauce on their legs, or menstruate on themselves. WHAT A FINE NATION! A people who can picnic in parks with nary a green butt!

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annie said...

That's because their grass is also made out of white pants! Or so I hear.