Thursday, July 31, 2008

Readers Report (Extended Version)!

While I've been off cavoofing, some busy boo readers have sent in links that have inspired and thrilled them. It's time now for the 2008 Extended Update About Things Readers Saw Recently That Moved Them Emotionally.
Let's start with faithful reader "Anonymous," who sent me a link to This site helps men find pantyhose to buy, which is very nice of them. The thing I LOVE, though, is that the site takes a proud pro-pantyhose stand, arguing that they are healthful, sexy, and "positive."
Click here to read's action items for increasing male pantyhose (which I will refer to as "mantyhose," "mantights," or "mights,") acceptance around the world. My favorite suggestion is to give mantyhose as a gift to colleagues.

My second favorite thing on the site is the pattern on the mantyhose below:
Here's my take: I am thrilled that men have a place to buy pouchie hose to wear with their roomie Manties (as featured on Pippi Picks during Mantie Mania).

Now my emotions are turning around because here's what I don't understand: TIGHTS!!!! WHY WAS I FORCED TO WEAR THEM AS A CHILD???? They fall down!! They go up my butt!!!! Men, women, we must all fight against by starting a rival company: Sloppy Legz, Inc, to promote bare, sloppy, hairy legs.

"Anonymous" also sent a link about "Bang-Go" caps, special, special hats that have a hole in the front so you can poke your bangs through. I had never thought about women with bangs as a disenfranchised group before, but this site turned my mind around in a Michigan minute. Also, I had to read the site 3 times before I understood what the fuck this crazy women was trying to sell. Answer: Bang-Go caps for sad people with bangs. Alternate answer: Hats for sluts who like it quick and have a car outside.

IN OTHER NEWS, I was recently reminded by a reader named "News for Caroline" that a close relative of my dear Clamato is BEEFAMATO, a product made by mixing tomato juice and beef broth.

1. Mail bottle of Beefamato to younger cousin.
2. Pass out on couch.

my big sister sent me some photos of Nike's new limited edition 3 BEARS-THEMED SNEAKS!!!!! BABY, MAMA, AND PAPA SNEAKS!!!!!! Nice find, Sister Bear!
Nice manufacturing, Nike!
NICE FIELD WORK, PIPPI PICKS READERS!!! You deserve a round of Friendly's Watermelon Slammers!!!!!!
Keep finding those picks, Faithful, and I'll keep slamming Clamato.


Archaeology Lady said...

Are there mantyhose thigh-highs? Perhaps with garters?


Eugene T.S. Wong said...


I have a MySpace profile, where I try to keep people updated with what I'm doing. I have posted photos of myself to help bring hosiery into the mainstream wardrobe for men and women.