Friday, July 4, 2008

Haute Hank Update

As I'm sure you can imagine, Haute Hank's toast at our cousin's wedding was a rousing success! Classy! Stylish! Brief! He also made them a book detailing the history of Fabulous Casual.

After the wedding, while I was busy bringing joy to other nations, Haute Hank was minding the fashion pulse of USA!
Here is one of his discoveries:
"This dress has a built in bib/napkin," he said. He also explained to me that this is a photo of Becki Newton, an actress from Ugly Betty. A true professional, he also knew that she was wearing Gucci. I was unaware of these things and was focused on trying to get mustard stains out of my white pants.

He also sent me a link for these many-zippered pantalons which I think are supposed to have something to do with Andy Warhol.
Verdict: The pants look nothing like him.

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