Monday, July 28, 2008

Rink Repper Rombs!!!! Ry got the Recipe!!!

R'I'm Rippi and R'I'm raCK FROM the rusades in the roods!

My friend She Lai luvvs LA now.  To celebrate him and his preferences, let's all wear LA gear!!
Question: Was LA Gear a clothing company?  Does it still exxist?

Let's start with this violent t-shirt:
Rood Job!
Now put on this one w/crown:

I bought you a license plate:
No rearry!

Ok, Eli, stop being such a pussy and get an LA tattoo.  My car is outside your house!  In 30 seconds I'm going to ring the doorbell and drive you to a parlour.  What kind of parlour, you ask?  SURPRISE!!!!
It's either an ice cream or a tattoo parlor, you'll find out when we arrive.
Here's a hint:
You're going to leave with one of THESE:Meanwhile, I want to share something I drank last night.
It's called a PEPPER BOMB.  Here is the recipe:

1 oz. Clamato (tomato and clam juice with onion powder, corn syrup, msg, etc), strained through ice
3 oz Dr. Pepper
1 oz Jaegermeister

1.  Strain Clamato through ice
2. Mix Clamato and Dr. Pepper in a 6 oz glass
3. Fill shot glass with Jaeger
4. Drop shot glass into Clam-Pepper glass
5. Chug
6. Make faces
7.  She Lai says, "I will never drink anything else again."
8.  Force younger cousin to drink 2 rounds of Pepper Bombs, followed by Crystal Palace
9.  Take photos of cousin
10. Mail photos to newspaper
11.  Play new age board game
13.  ????????

Ree you Rater!!!!


annie said...

Is putting Dr. Pepper in Clamato like putting regular pepper in a bloody mary? You know that urban legend about Bloody Mary where if you look in a mirror and say her name 75 times she'll appear? Well, let's just say it's called a legend for a reason.

news for caroline said...

If you put the Dr. Pepper in Beefamato, would it still be a Pepper Bomb? Do they still sell Beefamato?