Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hats in the Holy Land

During the second leg of my world tour, I traveled to the Holy Land, AKA my aunt and uncle's house in Jerusalem. I know that you are already jealous of me because I get to have a stylish and fantastic cousin like Haute Hank, but your jealousy will quadruple when you realize that I also was lucky enough to spend time with my amazing and hilarious 4 Additional Cousins, also known as "Guys Israel."

Here are some of the important lessons I learned in Jerusalem:
  1. "Balagan gadol!" means that things are really messed up.
  2. Lior needs you to go downstairs and get the statues.
  3. The sun! It is a very strong ball of stuff!!!!!!!! I surrender!!!!!!! I vow to wear many hatzzz!!!!!!!!
Yes, friends, I have learned all about the power of hats.
You can join me by wearing some of the protective and fashionable hats that I have chosen for your beautiful head:

A brown bucket!A hat with ears!!!!This woman wants to hide her shamefully ugly eyes:I miss you, cousins!
I also miss wearing hats all the time, but soon the world will know THE TRUE MEANING OF HATZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Pippi, it's me again - Anonymous. Listen, I really feel like your hats piece was stellar. However, something was missing. Could it have been:

Bang-Go Caps???

Anonymous said...

Hey, Pippi - Anonymous again. Listen, I just felt like you really needed to know about this:

Inform the world.