Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Prom! Unlimited Virgins!

Prom continues!!

489 days of prom advice rages on with this glittering prom cake:
REMEMBER! As I told you in the last post, prom is about virgins!
For all my virgins, I have found the perfect dress for you:
See? It's white AND it shows your cleave!
Look - this model is saying with her eyes, "I am a BIG virgin but once I get drizzed you can be the FIRST person to paw my squishy boobs!"

YES! Prom in ON!!
Nexxt time on Pippi Picks: It's legal to drink and drive on prom night - True or False.



Adam said...


annie said...

TRUE! But only if it lowers your inhibitions enough to lose your virginity to your skeezy prom date.