Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Honey Baked Ma'am

Tomorrow I want you to go online and buy 8 of these flower rings, one for each of your 8 "good" fingers:
$5! Now that's less expensive than a Honey Baked Ham!

By the way, I almost got my Boy-flower a Honey Baked Ham for his birthday but I had to turn back. I measured our refrig and it wouldn't fit.
CHRIS: Couldn't you just have gotten me some ham or a smaller ham?
PIPPI: No. A whole ham or no ham.

Instead, I got him a bat necklace! DAMN!!!!!!
Now I am suddenly realizing what I should have done - I should have tied a chain around a ham and made him wear it!!!!!!!!!!! Best of both gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupid!!!!!!!!! Stupid!!!!!!!

1 comment:

jonah said...

There is nothing stupid about a bat necklace. besides, now he can buy YOU a ham for your birthday. i mean a hamster. so it will fit. in the fridge.