Friday, April 18, 2008

Steal the Groom!

Hanno recently posted this question:

"Dear Pippi,
Can you recommend a prom-style dress appropriate for crashing weddings? I want to outshine all the brides.
Warm Regards,

Hi, Hanno.
I recommend that you wear something like this:
The hat is where you hide your flask!
After a few swigs of Wild Turkey, you can outshine the bride by doing what this model is doing - lifting your dress all the way over your head.

I suggest that you time your moonparty for the moment the bride starts walking down the aisle. Jump in front of her!
Lift your skirt!
Shake your butt at her!
Then... steal the groom!!!!!!!!!!


annie said...

Thanks, Pepsi!

Maggie said...

Yesssssss, then the groom will see her vag-pumpkin and they will live together forever!!!!!!!!!!!!