Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Pippi Picks

Welcome to this new and beautiful blog, "Pippi Picks." In this post 9/11 world, there are lots of things to feel upset and crazy about. Thankfully, there are still plenty of things that don't matter like picking a stylish pair of tights, matching your earrings to your thong, and calling K-Fed a slutty McSlutslut. This blog was created to help you take a break from worrying about the important things and consider, instead, which weird sweaters Pippi thinks you should buy and what she thinks you should wear them with.

I (Miss Pippi) suck at shopping because I am both cheap and afraid of commitment. What I love is telling other people what to wear and harrassing them into going to a party wearing a t-shirt, furry hat, and no pants. That is happiness.

I have only two style heroes. My ultimate role model is Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

In the movie, Madonna goes strutting around like a crazy badass. When I am eighty, I will still want to look like Madonna does in this movie.

My other fashion hero is Leigh Bowery, a party-boy performance artist who made amazing, sculptural costumes in the '80s.

What is the connection between these two special peeps? To me they look amazing because they look like they don't give a flying fuck about what other people are doing. Fashion is just costuming. Leigh Bowery made himself fake butts and boobs to wear to parties. You should, too.

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