Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pippi's Secret Crush

I am secretly really attracted to all of these funny, lumpy boots that are turning up. I don't want to tell anybody because I can't totally decide whether I think they are fun-ugly or dumb-ugly.

See what I mean?
Ask yourself this: Does the shoe model above feel like a happy hippo or a sad lobster? Look at how lumpy these booties are!They're like deflated sharpeis! Here is another example:
You know when you have a crush on someone but you don't actually want anything to happen? This is how I feel about these chunky monkies. I don't want to french them, but I want somebody to.
PippiPicks Official Poll: Would you go to second with these shonks?


Rosa said...

dear miss pippi,

i would totally go to second with these shonks - especially in the last picture where they look like they are about to take flight...

annie said...

i'd go to second if they bought me dinner first.