Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Theya hugga you back!

Are you insecure and afraid?????? Do not fear! I have found some clothes that will hug you back! Let's say that you have to do a scary do. Ok. You are so scared that a talking pizza will take your wallet. Soooooooooo scary. Don't cry! These strange pants will not leave you!
How could they leave you? They are hugging your ankles for dear life like, "WHUMP! ANKLES! I LOVE YOU! I would never leave you. I am gonna eat you. No, no. Shhhh. No, I didn't just say 'I'm a gonna eat you.' No no no."
Meanwhile, your sweater is giving you a tender hug. It is like a big elephant costume. Shhhh!! The elephant is sleeping! Bath time!
Across town, this fancy coat is giving this lady a big hug. Have you ever played "Got yer nose?" With this coat you can play "Got yer neck!" "Got some buttons!" and "I have captured this lady with a big wool rope! Now I'm going to steal her yacht!"
Ok, honies. It's pie time! Go!


rosa said...

Dear Ms. Pippi,
I got yer nose!!!

christopher said...

a tender hug! Now that's a tender sweater.

annie said...

it's kind of like that time i made a sweater out of myself for someone. or maybe i was just hugging them for real.