Thursday, September 18, 2008

From 'Tude to NUUDE

I know, I know. Your biggest sexual complaint is that it takes TOO DAMN LONG to take off your corset, riding pants, and lace-up thigh-high boots. Believe me, I understand.
Your huxband is like, "Where are you coming from - a Renaissance Faire??" and you're like,
"No - I'm coming from work," and he's like
"Well, I've finally un-cinched this whale bone but now I just want to get a divorce and forget this whole amorous-ness," and you're like
"FINE. If we can't quickly become NUDE, I think we SHOULD DIVORCE."

Now you can save your marriage and speed your nude with this easy-access zipper dress:
ZIP! You're nude!!
ZIP! You're back on the job!
ZIP! You're nude!
ZIP! You're still nude!!!
Oops. Malfunction.
Ok, try that again.
Nope, still nude.
I guess divorce is the only option.

1 comment:

annie said...

Superman should get one. That way he wouldn't have to be such a jerk about making people wait in line at phone booths.