Thursday, December 21, 2006

All-American Bollywood

I recently watched the freakishly popular Disney movie, "High School Musical," and made a startling discovery: High School Musical is secretly a Bollywood movie! Who knew?
Think about it:
Huge musical numbers!
Whenever a song starts, everyone starts dancing!
The actors are clearly lip syncing!
The actors' speaking and singing voices sound like they were recorded on different planets!
Everything is super emotional!
The romantic leads never kiss!
Constant costume changes!

Just think: The first all-American Bollywood movie! What rapture!
To celebrate, I want you to throw yourself a High School Musical viewing party.
You should:
Buy a big, rando shirt from teen-tastic website
Wear tights without underwear underneath to show that your tender mind has already been altered by the nudie antics of B.S. (Baba Spears): Get some $30 knockoffs of those unreasonably dangerous Chloe heels that will ensure that when you learn to shotgun your first beer at Tanya's 15th birthday party you will also learn how to fall down the stairs:
Strap on a chain and pleather bracelet from Ultra Teen Town Mega Delia's:
Then you should Robo-trip and prank call a Dominos. Mmmmm.

1 comment:

annie said...

Once when a friend of mine was calling Domino's I yelled "Lakeesha, get back in yo' cage!" in the background. I thought it was pretty funny at the time, but looking back it definitely wasn't as funny as a Bollywood movie.