Wednesday, December 27, 2006

You Look so Cheap and Beautiful, Darling

The elf makeup website kicks ass because everything they sell is only a dollar. Oh, yes. Only a buck.
If you purchase this "All Over Color Stick" which you are supposed to put on your "eyes lips or face!" you can smear your whole face with makeup for only $1! Hell! Rub it all over your legs, too! This shit's a bargain!Soon, your honey will say, "My darling, you look cheap tonight," and you can say, "Thank you!"
Your honey will say this because you have arrived at a party totally naked and smeared only with All Over Color Stick. He will recognize your beautiful frugality and mesmerizing boldness.
So will I, dear reader, so will I.

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Adam said...

This is, of course, a dramatic misstep on the part of the manufacturer. Everyone knows that the favored class of the elf race is wizard; there are several beauty-enhancing spells available for a mere pittance that make make-up unnecessary.