Friday, December 29, 2006

99 Diamonds

Now that we've discussed what dress you're going to wear to your New Year's Eve party, you need to haul out your trunk of diamonds.
Have you ever heard that fashion rule, "Look in the mirror and take off the first thing you notice" or whatever? I have a slight variation on that rule that I would like to share with you:
Pippi's Fashion Rule
Look in the mirror and count how old you are. You should be wearing one jewel for every year you've been alive.
Here is an example: If you are 90 years old, you should be wearing 90 diamonds.

To help us meet our quotas, the Miu Miu team has designed these bejeweled shoes:

You will also need some swirly clip-ons:
Obviously, you should be wearing fake eyelashes:
If you really know how to live, your eyelashes will be gold:
If you get sleepy before 12 and want to rest your eyes, you can put on this special ring:

The "Z" will tell onlookers, "Shhhhh! I am asleep! I am having ZZZZ time!! Don't bother me! Wake me up before midnight, please! Ok! Thank you! Now, go away."

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annie said...

have you ever seen those fake eyelashes with the rhinestones on the ends? i sure have.