Monday, April 16, 2007


"P.M.C.W.," the prez of the Pippi Picks West Coast Fan Club, sent me an email alerting me to a fantastic gift to humankind: Nelly's clothing line, Apple Bottoms. Thank you, prez!
The mission of Applebottoms? "It’s their mission to celebrate and liberate the natural curves of a woman’s body." Liberate! Tush, break free! Boobs, fly home! Everybody party! I can get behind that.
Click on the seductive photo below to learn the full Nelly story:

I'm very happy that Nelly has designed this fabulous tummy shirt. Puh-lease, Puh-leeease wear this to a party. Puh-lease! You can pretend that you're being all ironic and your silly friends will be like, "That's hilaaaaaaaaarious," but you and I will know that you are LIBERATING the tummy! TUMMY, DO YOUR WILL!!!!! ANYTHING YOU SAY, WONDERFUL TUMMY!!!!!!MEANWHILE, purchase your very own JUMPSUIT:
That will make you feel ALIVE.
Now GO! Be free!
BE FREE!!!!!

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Rosa said...

dear miss pippi,
I went to nelly's website to buy myself a denim jumpsuit, but the were all sold out. While I'm sad I can't get my jumpsuit right away, am glad that they have been getting the popularity that they deserve.