Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pippi Offers Wise Advice

I want to take a moment to thank all of the tender folks who have posted comments on Pippi Picks and sent me loving and encouraging fan mail. Your fine support how given me the inner strength to seek out ever more beautiful things for you to wear. I salute you.
One of these fine fellows is my friend Jonah. This past weekend, during a Power Hour, he and I made a drunken pact to attend rabbinical school together and become traveling rabbis. I'm still in. He has now raised an interesting question: What should a rabbi wear?
Answer: Have you seen Dancing with the Stars?
Imagine going to services and seeing your rabbi wearing this:HOW ABOUT THIS?
With your mouth dropped open in awe at your beautiful Rabbi, how could you not experience the divine? Hello!
These fine frocks will have your congregants whispering, "OH...
...G-DOG."This Rabbi is hiding behind a post to say, "Shabbat Shalom!"to one and all:
This Rabbi is ready to lead the congregation in song:
This Rabbi says, "Brrr! It is chilly dogs and burgers up here!"
I hope I answered your question.


anna said...

As a rabbi myself, I'm always looking for outfits consisting entirely of sheer material and strategically placed flames. Thank you for all you do for the faith.

jonah said...

with outfits like these to look forward to, how could i not be a rabbi? I am definitely still in. THanks rabbi pippi!