Monday, April 9, 2007

Pippi Drags Bebe Spears Into All of This

Huge, honkin' gold watches are truly great and everybody should probably wear six or seven of them at a time. On their arms and legs. Of course, right now I am wearing a plain, white watch that I got at CVS but you knew that already, didn't you.
This watch is perfect because it is honkin', gold, and bejeweled (or HGB). If your watch is HGB you can expect that all your dreams will come true.
You should also be sure to wear your watch with a dress that doesn't constrict your movement too much. That way, when you get tired of standing and being applauded by strangers, you can lounge on a white, leather sofa and flash your cooch like Bebe Spears.
I did not mean to drag Bebe into all of this. I'm sorry, friend.
Bebe Spears: It's ok. My kids are wearing matching outfits right now.
Pippi: That's so cute!
Bebe: No, Pippi, YOU'RE cute.
Pippi: Thank you, special star! You were in Crossroads!
Bebe: You noticed!
Pippi: Of course. Have some turkey jerky.
Bebe: Yummo!

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kate said...

EVERYTHING I OWN is HGB, including Pippi's heart.