Sunday, April 29, 2007

OMG Talking DUCK

I am so tired tonight that if I was FORCED to go to some fab party with Rod Stewart as special guest performer I would STILL have to find a way to go in my jammies.
That is why right now I am so drawn to this nice-looking squishy:
No one would notice that I was going whole jammie, right? Maybe some annoying talking duck would notice.
PIPPI: Wow. Rod Stewart is JAMMING right now.
TALKING DUCK: You are totally wearing your jammies, aren't you? Can't you wear, like, a real pants and stuff at least once?
P: Duck, you need to get off my case.
TD: No, Pippi. YOU need to stop trying to wear jammies outside of your home. It needs to stop.
P: C'mon! This looks like a dress, right? A sweater...dress. A shirt, right?
TD: Do your earrings say VIP?
P: PIP, duh.
TD: I should really get back to the pond before the Head Duck notices.
P: Who invited you to this party?
TD: Dean.
P: I hate that guy.
TD: Oh go to H.
P: Shut up or I'll eat you l'orange.
TD: Whatever, jammie face.
P: Look over there - bread crumbs!
P: Gotcha!!
TD: Quaaaaack.
P: Meow.
Talking Pig: Oink.
Canadian: Eh?


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anna said...

Wouldn't it be funny if after you threatened to eat the duck l'orange it was like "psych! i'm already made of oranges!" I think everyone else in the room would make some sort of "ooh/ahh" noise.