Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pippi Went to Houston

Honies, I just got back from a fab roadtrip to Houston and Austin. Lemme give you some facts about Texas:
1. The summer is HOT.
2. There are Sonics all over the place.
3. You can make an appointment with Dr Pepper NO PROBLEM.

Here are some things you should wear if you're going to party in Houston. You can find them in Houston at Bella Boutique:

First off, you should wear something that will let the sweat on your tatas evaporate. There's nothing worse than having sweaty boobs and not being able to wave them dry in the open air.
Secondly, you should probably wear something that will let your shoulders, neck, and gams air out, too:
Holy crapface, you are going to sweat like a mofo. Texas is so effing hot.
If you want to get hot on the inside, too, stop off at Frenchy's in Houston and eat some of their unreal fried chicken.


anna said...

Meat-flavored oil sponge, made fresh when you order it!

Christopher said...

I would drive there right now.