Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Over-the-Counter Capes

It's raining and I have a cold!
No person has ever withstood such terrible hardship!

Only ONE THING can make me feel better and that's a cropped satin cape!
Thank franz it has a hood, too!
Nothing is sexier than alluringly flopping your cape while glugging Nyquil!

Update: One thing is sexier - SPECIAL PANDA'S BONE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!! EVEN HER SPECIAL SPINE BONE IS AN A+++++++++!!!!!!!!


jonah said...

I am alll about capes, and i'm even more about bone systems! that's my second favorite system (the lung is my #1)


adam said...

quilted capes = THIS SEASON'S #1 JAM

annie said...

Question: where are that first girl's boobs? Did the cape take them?