Monday, March 24, 2008

Shoe Divorce

In a shrewd move, all of my shoes are falling apart at the same time! WHYYYYYYYY?????

My beautiful Reebok Freestyles are in shreds!
They look like these but they have a silver splatter-paint design:Meanwhile, the Seychelle's flats that were supposed to be my "tidy shoes" have split open in the front. DAMN IT ALL!
Actually, they look nothing like these ones here:
What will I do now??? Go barefoot? LIE DOWN AND DIE??????
Other options:

Perforated booties:
Little animals:
Golden sneaks:
I need to get my team to stay glued to Sneaker Freaker until this is RESOLVED...
More likely: I will continue to wear my broken shoes until one gets lost in a mud pit while I am trying to retrieve my cell phone.


annie said...

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Harold L. Callis said...

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