Monday, March 17, 2008

Reader Query

In the comments section of the last post, "Jonah," a regular reader, asked me this question:

"ear pippi,

if you were building an artificial man out of clay and using kabbalistic ritual to bring this golem to life, how would you clothe him? keep in mind that he will probably either grow to be enormous and wreck stuff. on the other hand, he might kill nazis instead.

keep in mind that i already made him, his name's Merv"

Ear Jonah,

I think this clay man should wear a snowman costume:

That way, if he starts attacking people they won't mind. I mean, would you mind if a cuddly snowman starting wrecking stuff? I would think it was cute.

Also then you can teach him the Young Jeezy song where he sings, "I'M THE SNOWMAN, BITCH!"

1 comment:

jonah said...

nose pippi,
i found your advice very helpful, and have cited you in my academic paper on golems. an academic paper on golems? whoever heard of that? not the librarian from whom i checked out 20 golem books yesterday.

anywayz, THANKS PIPPI. you are the top of the heap.