Monday, March 10, 2008

Win Big Next Week on Pippi Picks!!!!!!!!

I know how busy you are, but you need to stop leaving the house just wrapped in your sheets. Sure, it's convenient, but I don't want you flashing your precious muff every time a chilly wind blows.

This week, I want you to try this all-in-one sheet skirt instead. It has all the convenience of bedding but you don't need to hold it up while you pay for your morning miller lite tall boy.
Protect your muff!
Wrap your puff!
Fire your fluffer!

Next week on Pippi Picks: Win free tickets to EuroDisney.

UPDATE: Plane tickets not included.

UPDATE: EuroDisney not included.

UPDATE: Next week on Pippi Picks! Win a free scone!

UPDATE: Win 3 free old scones.

UPDATE: Includes other stuff in my fridge.

UPDATE: Includes old chicken and broccoli.


adam said...

Please enter me in the contest to win old fridge contents. I have encoded my entrance essay in binary so the robot judges can read it more easily:


Adam Black

annie said...

I only want to enter if the three old scones come with month-old jam on top.

Texas said...

can i enter? I love contests and also winning!

Sharon J. Flores said...

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