Friday, January 5, 2007

How to be a Badass Beast

Here is what I want you to do tomorrow:
1. Drag this chaise lounge into your living room: 2. Buy a bikini that is either gold lame, pink mesh, or covered in rhinestones.
4. Take some rando oil out of the cupboard and dump it all over your body.
5. Discover that the oil has also gotten all over your hair and get kind of grossed out.
6. Discover that the oil accidentally splashed on your dog and apologize.
7. Lie on the chair.
8. Fluff your diamonds.


Marina said...

done and done

rosa said...

woops - i just accidentally posted as marina! it was me! rampdog! I think i must have just been distracted by all of this oil i spilled everywhere. futon and ruby moses aren't too happy about being so greasy.

annie said...

once someone posted an email on my school's lost and found page with the subject "gold lame ring found." it took me a while to figure out that they meant lame as in the material, not as in dumb.

Pippi said...

Hanno, that comment is totally lame. SILVER LAME!
ALSO: If marina showed up in a rhinestone bikini I would shower her with jewels.